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Clearlight's revolutionary infrared heating technology.

Understanding the Clearlight Heating Infrared Technology

True Wave II™

The Clearlight True Wave II heaters are the only combination Carbon and Ceramic far infrared heater. These heaters are truly the best of both worlds. The carbon allows the True Wave II heaters to produce long wave far infrared heat. The long infrared wave will penetrate deeper into your body and give you the benefits you are looking for. The patented organic Ceramic compound, which Clearlight adds to the carbon, gives the heaters a very high infrared output.

Traditional carbon heaters are weak, but not the True Wave II heaters. They produce exceptional quality infrared and a lot of it.

Here the comparison test performed by Clearlight:

Clearlight carbon heaters comparison test

Clearlight positions the heaters so that the infrared heat is concentrated on your body. Since infrared heat travels in a straight line, any heater that goes up over your head is only heating the air. By using our high output heaters, we can concentrate the heat exclusively on your body so you get the most benefit.

All Clearlight Premier far infrared saunas include the advanced True Wave II heaters. These are placed strategically in order to surround you with infrared heat. The Premier Saunas have True Wave II heaters on the front, back and side walls, as well as a heater underneath the long bench, at your calves and a Clearlight exclusive under floor heater.  Infrared heat is radiated by the cedar wood and will warm your feet, help with your joints and increase sweating.

For Constant Infrared Heat: Simply set the digital controller to the highest setting. You’ll receive 100% constant far-infrared heat with absolutely no heater shut-off throughout your entire 30 to 45 minute sauna session, guaranteed.

The large size of each True Wave II heater allows for a lower surface temperature than other infrared sauna heater technology. This means better performance well within the optimal wave range of 7 to 14 microns with a good portion of wavelengths at 9.4–which is the frequency at which the human body absorbs infrared heat.


carbon ceramic heat

Not all infrared sauna heaters are the same. The size of the wavelength and the amount of infrared heat given off by the heater varies greatly from one heater type to another. Some infrared sauna heaters produce high quality infrared heat, but do not emit a lot of infrared. Some heaters produce a lot of infrared heat, but the quality of the infrared heat is not very good.

The True Wave II infrared sauna heaters combine the high quality infrared heat of Carbon and the high infrared output of Ceramic to produce the most effective infrared heat, bar none. 

True Spectrum

True Spectrum™ heaters, are heaters delveloped by Clearlight, that produce the full spectrum infrared heat throughout the entire sauna session. This means that during your whole sauna session, the heaters radiate advanced near, mid and far infrared waves.  This is different than most other sauna manufacturers, that provide full infrared heat range by using separate heaters. Some heaters will produce  far infrared waves and others near and mid infrared waves. True Specturm heaters are available on the Sanctuary models. They are placed im combination with the True Wave II heaters, which are the regular heaters in all Clearlight sauna prouducts.


The key to infrared therapy is heating your body directly so you want heat on the front of your body and on the back of your body.

In every Clearlight Infrared sauna you are surrounded by infrared heat.  There are heaters on the front wall, back wall, side walls, underneath the bench and at your calves. Most companies using carbon heater saunas don’t have heaters on the front walls. That is a big mistake. Without heating the front of your body you will not raise your core body temperature as effectively and you will not sweat and detox as effectively.

Correct infrared heat distribution in an infrared sauna session

In addition, most infrared sauna have very tall heaters starting at the bench and almost reaching the ceiling of the sauna.  This is wasted infrared heat heating the air over your head and not heating your body.  This is done because they are using weak infrared heaters.  

Clearlight keeps True Wave II infrared heaters about 24″ tall so to concentrate the infrared heat directly on your body.  We can do this because our heaters are high output heaters. Clearlight True Wave II heaters are the most effective infrared heaters available and are designed by us to specifically heat the human body.

True Wave II ™ Clearlight heater

True Wave II™ and Ionizer?

An ionizer produces negative ions; negative ions purify the air and kill bacteria. The Clearlight True Wave II carbon and ceramic combination heaters are naturally ionizers as the ceramic compound on the True Wave II heaters increased the negative ion production 10 fold.

After your sauna session, you can leave the door open with the heaters on for ~5 minutes to further purify your sauna.


EMF Levels (Electro Magnetic Field)?

Clearlight infrared heaters are low EMF’s heaters. Third party tested on EMF’s directly on the heaters showed in average less than 1 mG. Clearlight guarantees less than 3 mG. Other companies range between 25-100 mG.