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About us

Sometimes we get so busy we forget to take care of ourselves. We get busy. We have jobs. We have families. We have hobbies. We like being busy, but when we combine all the things we want to do with all the things we have to do, there's barely enough time left to sleep and self care takes a back seat to...well, to everything.

But everyone deserves self-care. Everyone needs self-care. Sometimes you just need to shut it all out for a little bit.

Saunas are great for this. The heat has a way of loosening tight muscles and draining away that stress reaction that makes everything feel like the most important thing ever and that it has to be taken care of immediately. Doctors routinely suggest saunas for patients who are overcoming injuries, trying to lose weight, or trying to get better skin.

At Sauna Indulgence, we want everyone to indulge themselves in regular sauna visits. 

We sell saunas because we love saunas. We use one regularly and it's the sauna that helps us feel the best. After a while in the sauna, we feel less stressed and more relaxed. We're able to calm our mind down enough that we can think of just one or two things at a time instead of trying to think about everything. We can keep things in perspective and feel like we're in control. We even—dare I say it—feel a bit sexier.

We sell saunas that can be installed in your own home. You can go to a sauna at a health club, and you'll get most of the benefits out of that, but you never really know who you're going to be sharing it with. When it's in your home, it can be your fortress of solitude. It can be your haven of peace and calm in a world that pulls our attention twelve ways at once.

A lot of companies will try to sell you something whether you need it or not. We're not like that. We believe there are a number of benefits to saunas and if you look around, we'll show you how a sauna can fit into your life. We'll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, and if that decision is to buy one and have it installed in your home, we'll do everything we can do to ensure that process goes smoothly.


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